What are the options for whitening discolored teeth?

There are two types of bleaching that can be done in a dental office. Non vital bleaching is for a tooth that is damaged or darkened from a root canal procedure and vital bleaching (whitening) is done on a healthy tooth. Whitening can be done by various methods and not all products are the same and suitable for everyone. Whitening toothpastes are generally the most common with minimal amounts of “bleach” in them and mostly are used to remove light staining from foods. Bleaching kits sold in stores stay on teeth for minutes and can cause side effects due to lack of expertise from your dentist. These kits are also not customized to your individual needs as a patient. In office bleaching performed by a dentist is customizable to the patient and the side effects can be monitored by the dentist. The most common of these in office bleaching kits would be custom made trays that can be used at home or in office bleaching done in an appointment or several appointments chairside.