What does my insurance cover?

All insurance plans are different and unique. Dental coverage varies among insurance companies. The best way to know your dental coverage is to call the insurance company yourself. As an office we only know a patient’s coverage once we submit a claim. Insurance companies in general have a maximum value that can be spent each year and they break dental work down into two categories; major and minor work. Minor work consists of but not limited to dental checkups, cleaning, X-rays, fillings, sealants and extractions. Major work is normally any procedure that is valued at more than $500 such as root canals, crowns, bridges, implants and dentures. The best way to establish your exact coverage is to contact the insurance company with co-operation from your dentist for the best overall assessment of coverage. Some dental procedures are expensive and the dentist will give the ideal treatment plan for your individual consideration with this in mind. Ones oral health should not be based on price but rather what is best for the patient. Once a treatment has been performed it is the patient’s responsibility to pay for it. This is where dental insurance can help.